I'm a knitwear designer, author, teacher, and small-press publisher based in Northern California. I design and write patterns for modern, accessible garments and accessories, with a particular penchant for cabled sweaters and hats, and for using unique, thoughtfully conceived yarns. I want to help you make things that you'll love to make and really, really love to wear, to help you learn how to use classic, straightforward techniques to create sophisticated, ready-to-wear inspired textures and fabrics. I'm passionate about details of garment, yarn, and fabric construction, and about helping you understand the "why" of both my design process and the designs themselves.

My love of cable knitting that animates a great deal of my design work. Cables continue to amaze me in their many, many permutations of the ways they manipulate and add texture to fabric, and I’m fascinated by using such a simple technique to create fascinating new forms of knitted fabric. I love helping knitters explore how cables work in knitting and how knitting these kinds of cabled projects can work for them.

I very much hope that you’ll find something that speaks to you here, whether it’s the designs themselves, a new technique that strikes you, or the approach that went into their making. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite skein and a cup of tea, and let’s get to work—it’s always sweater season somewhere.

Happy knitting,